William is a 23 year old film maker based in Sydney. Over the past 3 years he has primarily shoot content for fashion labels. He has also interned for the production company Exit films. Last year William worked full time for the American Supplement company EHPLABS as an internal Video Producer and Editor.

William knows Premire Pro indepthly, he’s also competent using the programs; Divinci Resolve, After Effects, Speed Grade, Indesign, Capture One, Light Room and Photoshop. His weakness lies in using programs which involve graphic design elements. He however sees no limitation with this as he picks up programs easily, being a quick learner.

For the past 2 years William has primarily shoot his own content. He therefore understands the fundamentals of lighting and the technical limitations of shooting. He has experience shooting green screens and can key them out professionally. His favourite cameras to shoot with are the FS7 and FS5. He has also used Red Cinema Cameras and DSLR cameras over the years.

Through Film School and Over the years William Has Produced and Directed a range of video content. He’s competent at creating; Call Sheets and production schedules which are concise. He prefers to over assume the length of shooting and plans according to that in mind.

Being a highly visual person he will create storyboards and shot lists with vivid detail. This isn’t to stay he is close minded, he enjoys a collaborative environment but he knows exactly how the image should look. When shooting he prefers the use of wide lenses whilst using high contrast vivid lighting. This however is always dependant on the content and tone of the video piece.

William views himself as being worthy to any employer. This is due to his; commitment, loyalty, likability, creative flair, technical knowledge and budget savviness. He very much hopes to hear from you.